Booking Your Makeup: Do’s an Dont’s

Hi beauties,

I recently completed a wedding project and I’ve noticed that when I do weddings I get questions from brides on how to maintain their makeup on their special day, this is NOT that kind of post! Sorry honey.. This post will give newly engaged ¬†and future brides tips on how to properly choose a reputable makeup artist for their day. I’ve gathered some important Do’s and Dont’s that I think are honorable mentions, so here we go:


Please DO:

  • Take your time in finding the RIGHT makeup artist for YOU! Research, Research, Research!! Make sure you thoroughly check references and ask important questions when booking a makeup artist for your special day. Remember that you get what you pay for, look for artists on reputable sites such as and
  • Make sure you have a good skincare regimen, this makes your makeup artist’s work easier and decreases the chances of you having a stress zit on your big day. Consistency is key! Whatever your routine is, be consistent.
  • Ask your makeup artist if she offers “refresh” bags. These little helpers usually contain the lip product that was used on you, blotting paper, finishing or refresh spray and maybe some mascara so you can do touch ups yourself without the hourly expense of having a makeup artist on hand throughout the day. Some makeup artists give these as freebies and some charge a small fee to put the kit together for you, either way it’s a smart move.

Please DON’T:

  • Don’t skip your trial appointment or book because you’re pressed for time. I’ve been in situations where brides will call on a Monday morning, needing a fill-in makeup artist for their Saturday wedding because their original makeup artist cancelled last minute. Yes, it happens! Even if this becomes your situation, it’s important to still do a trial so that things go smoothly on your special day and you and the artist are on the same page with expectations.
  • Don’t take anyone’s word as a binding contract. Any real beauty professional understands the importance of contracts and disclosures. Before agreeing to booking any artist, get copies in hand! Make sure you understand the breakdown of your costs and fees and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Don’t skip the phone consultation with your potential beauty professional. This one may seem like common sense, but in this modern day world, we live through email and text messages. It’s important to get a feel and sense of the beauty professional’s personality and demeanor to see if there is potential for a “relationship.” Don’t skip the phone call because you’re too busy, make time for it! NO exceptions!


There you have it! Comment below if you have additional tips that you feel are necessary to mention. As a makeup artist that specializes in weddings, I understand that this is an exciting and stressful time for you. Let your makeup be one less thing to worry about, stay informed! Knowledge is power!


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