About Me

…everyone is beautiful, let me help you be the best you, today!


Hello there,

Welcome to FacesByShae.com, where you will learn about Sharelle FeQuiere, the professional makeup artist who believes in hospitality first and services rendered, second. With her calm and tranquil approach, she takes away the stressful thoughts of your special day. Whether it’s a birthday party, special occasion, or the most happiest day of your life (your wedding perhaps), Sharelle will hold your hand and provide a service that is memorable.

Originally starting her career at MAC Cosmetics and then freelancing for Beglammed.com, Sharelle knew providing professional and reliable makeup services throughout the NYC area was something clients weren’t familiar with.

Sharelle enjoys working will all kinds of clients, ranging from mother of the bride to the aspiring model just starting out. Based in New York City, Faces By Shae is a professional makeup service that travels to the client’s desired location for their convenience. Sharelle strives to not only provide exceptional services but educate her clients about makeup application during the process.

Please note: If you’re a model or photographer looking to collaborate, feel free to utilize the contact form to send a message. 


NYC Makeup Artist


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